Python – Both Dynamically Typed and Strongly Typed

A nice explanation of how Python differs from other programming languages from one of my favorite books – Dive into Python

statically typed language
A language in which types are fixed at compile time. Most statically typed languages enforce this by requiring you to declare all variables with their datatypes before using them. Java and C are statically typed languages.
dynamically typed language
A language in which types are discovered at execution time; the opposite of statically typed. VBScript and Python are dynamically typed, because they figure out what type a variable is when you first assign it a value.
strongly typed language
A language in which types are always enforced. Java and Python are strongly typed. If you have an integer, you can’t treat it like a string without explicitly converting it.

weakly typed language
A language in which types may be ignored; the opposite of strongly typed. VBScript is weakly typed. In VBScript, you can concatenate the string ’12’ and the integer 3 to get the string ‘123’, then treat that as
the integer 123, all without any explicit conversion. So Python is both dynamically typed (because it doesn’t use explicit datatype declarations) and strongly typed (because once a variable has a datatype, it actually matters).

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