Extract Information from Tweets

A simple application to extract information from tweets.

You are given a library to collect Tweets  called Tweet Collector (thanks to Faizal)

Here are some simple tasks:

  1. Create your own Twitter account
  2. Create a Github or Gitlab account
  3. Get your Twitter credentials
  4. Pick a Twitter account to test
  5. Develop a small Python app, that takes a Twitter account and does the following:
    1. Gathers 100 tweets
    2. Extracts links from the tweets and prints them (removing duplicate links if any)
    3. Extracts references to other Twitter accounts and prints them (removing duplicates)
    4. Extracts all the hashtags in tweets (removing duplicates)

Once you have the basic command line app running, try the following:

  1. Create a desktop app with simple GUI
  2. Write a project log on what you did, the problems you faced and what you learned in the process.
  3. Store your app in Gitlab/Github and demo the app in our next workshop