A Couple of Why and What Questions on Programming

I was talking to a group of students yesterday. All of them took a programming test and some of them did well.

My chat with them (individually) was to find out their conceptual understanding.  I asked a few of these questions (and some variations):

  1. Why do we need functions in C?
  2. Given a choice between using C, Java and Python, why would you use one or the other?
  3. What are some of the differences between C and Java?

For software practitioners, these questions are really easy. But for students, they are not. To answer them, they need to have a better understanding or programming and some practice in solving a few non-trivial problems.

On the positive side, most of these students were willing to think and give these questions a try. So I started a Whatsapp group for them on Thinking Programming. I plan to post a couple of questions each day to kindle their thinking.